Stevenson is committed to offer quality recruitment services to our clients based on the following criteria:

  • Integrity in Business

    Our Consultants will perform Executive Search for the required talent . We have an effective network and sources of candidates. We will perform diligent screening and sieving for the most suitable candidates based on our client's needs, criteria and company culture.

  • Value-Add Consultancy

    Stevenson is by definition a consultancy not an agency. Our value-add is that we provide more than just pulling resumes out of a database. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality sales talent that meets their business objectives. We do this by identifying, attracting, qualifying and delivering excellent performers for our client companies.

  • Right Matching

    Our partners and combined background in both Recruiting and Industry experiences give our team a tremendous advantage as we draw on first hand knowledge while partnering with our client companies, understanding business needs, evaluating Right candidates to provide matching .

  • Long Term Partnership

    We work with integrity to build credential , trust and a long lasting partnerships with our clients to effectively enhance their pool of talented Human Assets and Capital .

  • Flowchart on Recruitment process